Gaudiya Vedanta Publications is organizing a series of free online courses. The first one, focusing on Jaiva-dharma is scheduled to begin April 9, 2016. The facilitator will be the kind and knowledgeable Jnana Shakti Prabhu. He is a senior devotee and disciple of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja, who has led a physical course on Jaiva-dharma before.

To sign up for information on this and other courses, just leave your e-mail below. We’ll send you more details as the time comes closer. Participants in courses will follow along with a group of like-minded students, attend weekly classes, ask questions, and download course content like graphics, audio and videos. By participating, you’ll dive into this amazing scripture to learn about yourself and your eternal dharma.

Also, if you have experience with online classrooms and would like to help put on this course, we’d greatly appreciate it. Or if you’re interested to lead a course in the future on another Gauḍīya scripture. In either case, please contact us and we’ll facilitate your service.
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